Patient Safety Theatreā„¢

As a child of the 50's, Geri watched the televised version of many Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. Of course, since it was the 50's, she believed they were all true and that people actually sang as they danced down the street. She tried it, too. However, she couldn't sing. One day someone stopped her and asked why she was crying as she danced down the street. The brutal facts of reality crept in. However, one day in her 30s, she went to a live production of a non-musical play and became hooked on the art of conveying the human through the nuance of effective acting. She left the play stating, "I want to be able to do THAT". Since then she has studied theatre with Tom Cardar, Mark Nash, and has attended a summer program at the London Academy of Performing Arts in England. She has portrayed Zelda Fitzgerald in a one woman show, "The Last Flapper", M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias, and Du in the disturbing and provocative "Keely and Du". In addition, she has acted in highly distributed film to promote Patient Safety in healthcare, "First Do No Harm", Part III).

Geri uses her theatrical knowledge, skill, and creativity to bring life to her presentations and to teach skill through the use of role play. 

In addition, she can provide a unique product called "Patient Safety Theatre" working with colleagues who are play-rights, and actors to provide an amazing educational and personal experience for audiences.

Patient Safety Theatreā„¢ is a unique educational product provided in partnership by Geri Amori, PhD, ARM, DFASHRM, CPHRM, risk manager and educator, and Dana Yeaton, award-winning playwright and professor at Middlebury College, Vermont.

Together they have worked with patient safety leaders, insurance companies, policymakers and individuals to create and produce interactive performance pieces for patient safety conferences, healthcare organization programs and general education of the healthcare community.  

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