My newest adventures. . .

"I have discovered a love for capturing the spontaneous photograph.
Capturing people unaware...not posed, not conscious of 
me or my lens, the true essence of a moment whether an 
object or a being." 

Geri enjoys seeing the world from behind the lens. She alleges that looking through the lens allows her to see the details and nuances of objects otherwise overwhelming. Although she was always that annoying person at parties snapping everyone whose mouth is full of food, or who is spilling their drink down their front, since 2007 Geri has been studying the art of photography in earnest. 

Though she does not consider herself a professional, her photographs have been published and used by organizations. Someday, she says, she wants to be able to "capture" the essence of people by seeing them as they see themselves. If you are interested in "playing with cameras"Geri would love to talk with you!

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