Geri Amori is a respected leader in the presentation of health care risk management issues, and in issues involving aspects of interpersonal interaction and communication in the healthcare setting. 

Dr. Amori is past President of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management and also of the Northern New England Society for Healthcare Risk Management.


Dr. Amori promotes development of risk management skills in administrators,
workers and consumers through seminars, workshops and consultations.
Geri Amori's presentations feature role play, interactive dialogue and group
involvement activities designed to teach effective communication.

She is the Vice President for the Education Center at The Risk Management
and Patient Safety Institute. For more information on Geri's topics and
availability (click here)

Her most requested communication topics include:

• Dealing with difficult or disruptive patients and/or providers

  • Insidious intimidation
  • Managing the psychological power of money
  • Managing negativity and gossip
  • Distinguishing Blame from Accountability
  • Disclosure of medical events
  • Delivery of poor-prognosis news
  • Incorporating patients and families into the care process
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Dealing with difficult patients
  • Office practice risk management
  • Leadership and teamwork

   More topics located here at RMPSI 

She has been a featured speaker whose audiences have included:

• Harvard Risk Management Foundation


• Chapters of American Society for Healthcare Risk Management

• Vermont Nurses Association

• Ascension Health

• Centra Health System

• Texas Health Resources



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